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What is the difference between a group and a site?

Whether it is best for you to use a group or a site to share information on MLA Commons depends on your communication goals. If you would like to communicate with colleagues who are interested in a certain field or professional issue, you may want to start or join a group. Groups facilitate interaction between… Read more »

How do I post an update?

When logged in, you can post brief status updates or announcements from the “My Commons” page. Type your update in the text box next to your avatar, then click Post Update when finished. The post will be publicly visible in the activity stream. Your most recent update also appears in your portfolio.

Can I edit my comments?

Once posted, comments cannot be changed. Comments provide a useful record of ongoing conversation on a blog post, forum topic, or other element of MLA Commons. While we understand that you might wish to revisit a comment and fix a typo or make other revisions, the platform aims to encourage transparency and to emphasize that… Read more »

Why do unwanted characters appear in my post?

If you copy text written in Microsoft Word and paste it into a post or comment on MLA Commons, you may see unwanted characters. This has to do with formatting in the Word document. There are a few things you can do to ensure that only your text appears in your post: If you are… Read more »