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How do I post an update?

When logged in, you can post brief status updates or announcements from the “My Commons” page. Type your update in the text box next to your avatar, then click Post Update when finished. The post will be publicly visible in the activity stream. Your most recent update also appears in your portfolio.

What are “contacts”?

On Facebook, “friending” is social networking:  members search for people they know, used to know, or want to know. The friending tool enables members to contact others or to accept requests for contact from others (and determine the extent to—and ways in which—others can contact and interact with them).  On the MLA Commons, contacts are academic… Read more »

What are mentions, and how are they used?

The @mention system links others to the hyperlinked profile of the individual mentioned while notifying the individual of the mention by e-mail. If you are in a group and want to reach out to specific members, simply put the @ symbol in front of their user name to send a notification to their e-mail address, and… Read more »

How do I upload a picture of myself to use within the site?

After logging in to the Commons, go to the top black navigation bar and select your avatar on the right corner of the page; next, click on the avatar to upload a new image. You can also create a gravatar, which will enable you to use that same image across many different types of Web sites. You can learn more about… Read more »

How can I edit my portfolio?

After logging in to the Commons, go to the top black navigation bar and select your avatar and then Edit. From here you can update your institution, title, interests, Web sites, and additional profile fields. A more detailed guide can be found here.